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New Inspection Sewer Equipment

**Inspection Cameras are our ONLY business.

Athorn Corporation

We sell and stock top-of-the-line Hathorn Corp. inspection camera equipment. Ready for purchase and delivery. All equipment comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. Please call to make an appointment to view stock items and have a free demonstration.

Serviced right on the premises for your convenience.

Sewer Reels
Sewer Equipment Module
Inspection Sewer Equipment

Magnum Command Module

  • 12″ Daylight Readable Monitor
  • On-Screen Footage Counter
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Function
  • USB and WiFi Recording Capabilities
  • 512hz Sonde Locate Frequency
  • 2-Hour Rechargeable Battery Life
  • Compatible with Most Other Brand Inspection Reels

Different Size Reels

  • 200, 300, and 400+ Feet of Push Cable Available
  • Color Self-Leveling Camera Head
  • 512hz Transmitter Coil
  • Audio In and Out Jacks